Prophylaxis (preventive measures)

Attention to posture at all times: prevention of asymmetrical contractures in boys who are still walking, proper seating system in the wheelchair giving support of spinal and pelvic symmetry and spinal extension. Spinal bracing is not appropriate to try and delay surgery but may be used if surgery cannot be done or is not the chosen option.

Important facts to remember

  1. Boys and young men with DMD have weak bones, especially if they are taking steroids.
  2. It is important for your son to have the right amount of calcium and vitamin D to help keep his bones strong.
  3. The doctor should watch your son’s spine closely after he stops walking, especially while he is still growing, as scoliosis can change quickly.
  4. Key to success of spinal surgery, if it is needed, is the identification of an experienced surgeon and proper attention to the breathing muscles and heart.
  5. If your son has back pain he should see the doctor.

Information based on consensus statement (published in January 2010)