Although the needs of each child will vary, crucial times to consider assessments include at or near the time of diagnosis (a 6- to 12- month window for some evaluations may be beneficial in order to allow for adjustment following diagnosis), prior to entering school, and following a change in functioning. While not every clinic will have direct access to all of the assessments and interventions listed, these recommendations can serve as a guide to filling gaps in clinical staff and directing referrals, where appropriate.

  • Areas of emotional adjustment and coping, development in learning relative to age, speech and language development, the possible presence of autism spectrum disorders, and social support should be assessed. (A social services professional can help access financial resources, develop social support networks, or provide mental health support to the family as needed).
  • The psychosocial wellbeing in the individual with DMD, parents, and siblings should be a routine part of care for DMD.

Information based on consensus statement (published in January 2010)